Dear guests,

According to the reccommendations issued by the Health Authorities and in order to preserve the health of our guests, staff and partners, we proceed with the closure of our facilities today, March 14 th from 3.00 p.m. until further notice. Thus, it is compulsory the cancellation of the reservations, at least the ones scheduled in advance during this current month (March).

We are pleased to send an encouraging message of solidarity from all the team members of Espacio Eslava.

Enjoy Espacio Eslava. Enjoy Sevilla

Espacio Eslava: The place where gastronomy and traditional Andalusian hospitality are combined. Apartments, restaurant and tapas bar. Your place in Seville.

  • Outdoor tables
  • Pleasant interiors
  • Tapas with southern mojo
  • Relaxing ambience
  • Cozy apartments
  • San Lorenzo neighborhood
  • Focus on you
  • Historical site
  • Boutiques
  • Familiar and youth

Espacio Eslava


Independent apartments in Seville. Attention to detail, privacy, focused on good work and your comfort.


Our guests indly says that the decoration elevates every traditional recipe that comes from the stoves of Eslava Restaurant.


Our history always speaks the same: We are dedicated to the effort of helping you to rest and enjoy.

At a glance

Apartments and restaurants

Espacio Eslava Seville

Espacio Eslava: The place where top-notch gastronomy and traditional Andalusian hospitality adds up. Apartments, restaurant and tapas bar. Your place in Seville.

In Espacio Eslava you can enjoy Seville at various levels. At street level you can dispose of outdoor tables; at the bar and indoor lounges you can find our tapas bar with all the hustle and bustle of southern life. In the relaxed atmosphere of our restaurant. In our cozy apartments. And on our terrace, with unsurpassed views.

The Barrio de San Lorenzo is one of the favorite places of Seville and one of the most pleasant discoveries (and memories) of those who visit the city. The street is very short, but it has enough space for two seats, two churches loaded with history, and two landmarks of good food: our tapas bar and the restaurant. And, in addition, four boutiques in which you will feel at home.

You just had a look at Espacio Eslava. We are convinced that, after seeing our proposal, you will have more than enough reasons to visit us. We are waiting for you. Welcome to Espacio Eslava